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In a courageous and transformative project called "The Human Spiral," we (Stefan and I) wanted to strengthen and showcase the profound connection between us as human beings. I believe that the naked body provides a powerful and intimate platform for fostering this sense of connection.

I had the privilege of working with 16 incredible individuals who embraced vulnerability and trust to create something truly extraordinary. Together, we formed a human spiral, using our bodies in a visually captivating display of unity and togetherness. The Human Spiral shoot was a celebration of our shared humanity and a demonstration to the beauty of human connection. It was a deeply collaborative process, where each participant contributed their unique energy and presence, resulting in a collective masterpiece.

Through the medium of photography, I aimed to capture the essence of this interconnectedness and showcase the raw beauty that emerges when we come together with authenticity and openness. The images from the Human Spiral shoot show our bond, breaking down barriers and celebrating the diversity and unity that exists within the human experience.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the 16 courageous souls who participated in this project, for their trust, openness, and willingness to be part of a collective vision. Their bravery in embracing vulnerability has created a visual narrative that speaks about our shared journey as human beings.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the Human Spiral series and witness the power of connection. May these images inspire you to reflect on the beauty of our shared existence and the strength that lies within our connections with one another.

Thank you for visiting our universes. Stefan & Alessa

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