I was born 1989 in Salzburg, Austria. Currently I am living in Salzburg. I studied cultural sociology and finished my studies with Master of Arts in Jena, Germany.

I am an artist photographer. The main focus of my work is the „unfolding and revealing of the authentic self“, „the union of male and female forces”and “the symbiosis of opposites”. I want to explore the inner world, emotions of human beings and share it with the outer world through transformation.

Something about myself: My name is Alexandra and my artist name is Alessa Grande. If you ask yourself where this name comes from, I reveal it now. It’s a kind of an italian short version of my real and long austrian name. 


I really enjoy spending my time with expressing myself through the camera. Mostly behind but also in front of it. I love to changing the perspective all the time.  My main topic is the human being. I am most interested in experiencing the authentic, true self in front of my camera.

Very important for me is: My aim is not to take the perfect shot. Simply because I love imperfection. I love to shoot in the moment, in movement, I like snapshots a lot. I enjoy blurriness. I love the unordinary, the weirdness. I like concepts but I dismiss them very often. I like to catch situations that are not staged. I strive for authenticity.