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I was born 1989 in Salzburg, Austria. Currently I am living in Salzburg. I studied cultural sociology and finished my studies with Master of Arts in Jena, Germany.

My whole life "the human" is the most interesting thing for me. How the human feels, reacts and just is. I love to observe. I am learning so much about myself while I am doing this. The main focus of my work is the „unfolding and revealing of the authentic self“, „the union of male and female forces”and “the symbiosis of opposites”. I want to explore the inner world, emotions of human beings and share it with the outer world through my photos.


I really enjoy spending my time with expressing myself through the camera. Mostly behind but sometimes also in front of it. I love to change the perspective all the time. It frees my mind and gives me a feeling of "I can be who I wanna be and I can decide this every new day".

Very important for me is: My aim is not to take the perfect shot. Simply because I love imperfection. I love to shoot in the moment, in movement, I like snapshots a lot. I enjoy blurriness. I love the unordinary, the weirdness. I like concepts but I dismiss them very often. I like to catch situations that are not staged. I strive for authenticity.

My current vision is to follow my intuition, to interact with humans, to create with other artists and to have fun while doing my art projects. I love to play, explore and just be and enjoy the beautiful life of intimacy.

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